We do Relocation

CDM360 specializes in Office and Industrial relocation services, supporting internal and external workplaces.  The difference with CDM360 is how we manage your project, end-to-end.  Our goal is to over-deliver and exceed expectations with every move.  Flawless planning.  Unparalleled attention to detail.  Seamless execution.


No one plans to fail.  But many, fail to plan.  In the relocation business, planning is EVERYTHING.  At CDM360, nothing is left to chance.  Nothing.  Your company’s assets deserve the highest level of care and attention.  And that starts with knowing where everything is and where it goes.  This is not the time to hire amateurs.


CDM360 understands that nothing positive can happen without strong coordination with our customers and their employees within the project.  Up-to-date communication with the entire relocation team is critical; with your property managers, current and future vendors, the architects, construction trades and of course, local & municipal permit authorities.


Do you have workstations?  A trade floor?  A conference room?  How about a NOC?  All of these areas have furniture & equipment that require professional attention for break-down and move preparations followed by careful and accurate re-installation and placement.  Do you have new furniture products that need to be installed, mounted or assembled?  CDM360 has you covered.


Offices are versatile and broad in their use and description.  CDM360 recognizes that your office is unique and that it reflects your specific needs and culture.  We see offices in every market.  Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Libraries, Refineries, Laboratories, and Campuses in Corporate, Legal, Finance and Software / Technology.  You and your company are unique and so is your office.  Let us be the ones to help you manage that office!


Where are your assets today?  Are they cool, dry and secure?  Can you access them easily and safely?  Can you have them delivered or picked up whenever you need?  We have a world-class storage facility with state-of-the-art security and controls.  Your corporate property will be safe with us.  We store art, records, hardware, furniture & fixtures.


What kind of technology do you have?  Servers?  Networks?  Analytical?  Research?  Broadcasting? Development?  CDM360 understands the delicacy involved in moving technology and how critically important it is for your business.  Perhaps that is why we developed a custom-designed, proprietary system to insure your technology is handled safely and with the care it demands.

We have moved data centers, critical research laboratories and multimillion-dollar research grade, biologic materials.  Our record speaks for itself.

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