Project Management


We Manage Projects

The art and duty to analyze, predict, map and then measure the performance and progress of a series of events, for which efforts and materials are assigned, to complete an objective safely.


Every project is unique, bringing its own brand of demands and challenges.  CDM360 understands due diligence and the need for attention to details — from high altitude to ground level.


Intelligent and value-driven cost assessments are critical.  CDM360 will help you estimate the “soft construction” costs for the project, including activation & occupation.  Additionally, we expect to hold and preserve the budget we helped to develop.


Simply put, this is your office space, lab, classroom, data center or any space that you occupy and work within to serve and support your business.  CDM360 focuses on these spaces on your behalf.


CDM360 understands that nothing can happen without strong coordination with our customers and their employees within the project.  Up-to-date communication with the entire relocation team is critical; with your property managers, current and future vendors, the architects, construction trades and of course, local & municipal permit authorities.


This is the pinnacle moment.  This is when the new space becomes home, serving and supporting your staff, culture and business.  CDM360 understands the importance of this event, its significance to your people and your customers.


Expanding?  Optimizing?  Upgrading and or adopting a new platform?  Welcome to the transition phase.  CDM360 understands there are many moving parts, requiring a team of leaders which look at all the sectors of the business and what impacts may exist.  We then work with you to mitigate those impacts while aiding the transition, keeping it as smooth and simple as possible.


What are they and doesn’t Apple make them?  M/A/C’s are Moves, Adds & Changes.  Many of our clients have large office footprints with several floorsor even several buildings.  They may have to re-stack and move groups to accommodate their business goals.  These can be major seating and space-planning changes, which require high-level planning.  CDM360 has the experience and talent to deliver these solutions.


The safety of the client, their staff and trade partners are paramount.  CDM360 will work closely with the safety managers for each project partner to ensure that safety is accounted from Day One to Day Final.  In some cases, CDM360 will bring a safety management professional for a site inspection and independent analysis to ensure the best possible practices are being utilized.
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