We Do Lighting

Lighting provides a source of illumination, a sense of safety and well-being while helping our productivity.  Lighting has evolved in ways far beyond just the LED and brought with it the benefits of a connected, big data world.  Illuminating, isn’t it?

LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode – a light that can be adjusted to give more or fewer lumens while also changing the color or “temperature” of the light you see.

Smart Lighting

How is your workspace being used?  How often is the conference room booked versus being used?  CDM360 can help bring you a sensory-driven solution, reflecting how people are interacting in your space. Your space is now alive and communicates with you.

Light Harvesting

Imagine how much you can save in your lighting costs when the fixtures automatically lower their energy use on bright and sunny days?  Our solution senses and utilizes all light sources, which leads to better management of your lighting standards while reducing your cost.

Energy Savings

The use of LED fixtures saves on energy costs over fluorescent counterparts.  We go a step further and bring you added savings by using low-voltage fixtures powered over Ethernet cabling.  This results in the reduction of plenum heat, no wasted power as in typical copper resistance fixtures, and no labor costs for union or master electricians to be on site.

Title 24

Title 24.

PoE Lighting

Power over Ethernet or “low-voltage” lighting is here.  It’s simple, cost-effective and uses 60%+ less power than normal fluorescent and electrical fixtures.  This is the new standard in lighting solutions, let us show you why.
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